A Different Kind of Office Space

When you think of an office, the typical things that come to mind are desks, computers, chairs, et cetera. Perhaps even some artwork, if you’re lucky. However, if you work in the Eegoo Offices in Beijing, China… things are a little different. Like many other contemporary buildings popping up in places like China, Iceland and so on, Eegoo’s design takes some major cues from giants like Gaudi and Frank Gehry. Undulating lines that cut through “normal building dimensions” look less like man-made and more like heaven-sent.


Designed by Dao de Li of dEEP architects, Eegoo’s office has a cellular structure reminiscent of a spiderweb or beehive, suggesting a network that is elegantly interwoven and striving for growth. This design shatters the construct of the cubicle and embraces the idea that a physical space can be as fluid and organic as the ingenuity happening within it.


What kind of work would you do if this was your office?



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