Home Is Where the Art Is

On Friday, February 9th, Bill Lowe Gallery launched a brand new event series entitled “Home Is Where the Art Is”. This innovative show concept takes contemporary art out of the “white box” and into a residential setting  to demonstrate the way art can turn a house into a home.


The first installment of this series took place in a traditional Atlanta Buckhead manor owned by the former Atlanta Braves pitcher, Derek Lowe. Partnering with Harry Norman Realtors / Christie’s, Bill Lowe Gallery took this furnished residence and imbued it with heart and soul using a mixture of contemporary art and African tribal antiquities. The result is one of surprising drama that elevates the architecture beyond it’s classical design origins.

We conceptualized this event series in order to highlight one of our most valuable attributes: the ability to decipher a client’s motivations and aspirations to determine exactly which pieces will move their spirit and energy to a higher dimension.  Or to break it down in layman’s terms: we figure you out and then we figure your art out.

We often hear the phrase “well I love it, but I can’t see it in my home”; on the contrary, what you love is exactly what you need in your home and we did this to show you precisely how it’s done. You can put a larger-than-life sculpture in your foyer. You can mix tribal material with chic contemporary paintings. You can take risks and they can pay off… beautifully.


The Living Room

The Dining Room

The Study

The Stairwell

All of the art placed in the home totaled a retail value of over $1 million. Within a week of the showcase, after being on the market for three months, the house had gone under contract.

The gallery will continue transforming residences throughout the year to advocate an appreciation for art and to show how vital art can be to creating homes that heal, nourish, and protect the soul.

For more pictures from the “Home Is Where The Art Is” installation, click here.

For pictures from the “Home Is Where The Art Is” private reception, click here.


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