What A Jaded “Art World” Girl

As I sit and labor over what to write about, it occurs to me that almost everything I’ve been experiencing lately has been tragically underwhelming. Perhaps it’s my snooty elitism rearing its ugly head or maybe – just maybe – there really hasn’t been anything inspiring or uplifting going on in culture, music, fashion, et cetera. Now, let me throw in the disclaimer: I don’t claim to know everything there is about what’s going on in the world so I certainly can’t declare that the entire world is boring. I just want something or someone to show me the path to fabulous. Where’s Marie Antoinette when I need her?

Things that have not been so fabulous lately:

The Vow… and movies in general.

TRUST ME. I love a good Rachel McAdams chick flick just as much as the next girl and I’ve admittedly seen this twice already. But.. this just didn’t feel indulgent and enveloping the way a devastatingly good chick flick can feel. Give me some Notebook, some Moulin Rouge, and some 10 Things I Hate About You. I definitely understand what this movie is trying to do – what all chick flicks try to do – stir that romantic stew inside all of us that drives us to crazy. I admire the effort and the sentiment of “I’ll always come back to you” and “love is a feeling, but it’s also a choice”. However, at the end of the day, I’ll never aspire to be Rachel + Channing as much as I aspire to be Rachel + Ryan Gosling or Leo + Claire.


The Red Carpet

This year’s red carpets have been b-o-r-i-n-g. There have been a fair amount of strong new showings (hello Emma and Michelle), but overall Hollywood seems to be getting a little lazy. There was never that fantastic and breathtaking moment that showed you exactly what Hollywood can and will do. Just like chick flicks, I watch red carpets to indulge and aspire. They should be giving it all they got and they just… didn’t. Sadface.


The Atlanta arts scene

So… it’s hard to make accurate judgments on this since my bias is so tilted to my own gallery, but the arts scene in Atlanta has been a bit disappointing. If Atlanta is to become anything more than it already is, then there has to be more. There has to be more acknowledgment and support of art that moves beyond the local and reaches the global, the emotional, the traditional, and everything in-between. Everyone has been so complacent or set on being alternative, that the bar continues to remain low. I love Atlanta and I love the people and the spirit of Atlanta. So there’s no reason to believe that the art – the cultural imprint – can’t be as amazing as the foods, the festivals, the tradition, and everything else. So, let’s all step it up, okay?


Amongst the mediocrity, there have been a few things that have captured me…

American Idol

Is it just me or is American Idol weirdly awesome this year? I hadn’t been watching the auditions, but I watched the first live broadcast last night and they just had a slew of lovable stars! It’s been the first singing competition episode I’ve seen where it’s truly a nail biter. I’ve also heard The Voice is damn good this season as well. I guess I can always count on a good ol’ song and dance to move me.


One Midtown Kitchen..and Atlanta food in general.

I love food and I LOVE that Atlanta has an unending treasure trove of new culinary ventures. Recently I’ve been obsessed with One Midtown Kitchen for its excellence in hospitality, atmosphere, and food that just tastes darn good. Perfectly cooked salmon, beautifully warm cocktails, and a room that feels like it’s full of life. Heaven.


Have you recently seen anything that inspires or moves you? If you have, please show me the light!


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