Art @ Armory Show New York

I recently made the pilgrimage to New York, for the famed Armory Show.  I’ve been looking forward to my first art fair and I wasn’t at all disappointed.  While I didn’t see any celebrities like I might expect at Basel, I was gratified to see a range of art from around the world in a variety of mediums.  Everything from “What the…?” to “What the…!”  Excited and confused I tumbled around the fair and sampled the visuals from Japan, to London to Copenhagen.

For the third year the Amory presented Armory Focus which turns its attention to a specific region.  This year Focus pointed at Nordic countries. 19 Scandinavian galleries presented from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.


Brigitte Waldach Antichrist - She
Galleri Bo Bjerggaard -- Cophenhagen

My personal favorite from the show was Australian abstract painter Dale Frank presented by Anna Schwartz Gallery (Sydney/Melbourne). For starters, the gentleman that greeted us couldn’t have been nicer, despite what you hear about gallery types.  After warming us into his space, I was overtaken by Frank’s drippy, high gloss saturations of color.  He creates shiny pools of varnish and acrylic on linen some of which seem to capture deep flashes of solemnity while others offer cognitive exuberance.


The Optometrists, 2008
varnish on linen
260 x 300 cm

Dale Frank In a gallery without dogs, artists walk without sticks. A chain smoking loner, he came from a long illustrious line of chain smoking loners

And this one…it was just sexy.

The Future Is A Boot Held On Your Face, 2002
varnish on acrylic on linen
198 x 258 cm

There was so much to see and there’s no way I could even begin to chronicle the expo.  This goes in the “You had to be there” file.  However, here is a New York times slideshow of some things I didn’t see (or necessarily like).


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