Madame Kwan’s Moviehouse: Hunger Games and more

I told you I go to the movies a lot!

The Hunger Games.

See it! Though predictable in many parts, still an overall great entertainer. And who doesn’t want to stare at Jennifer Lawrence? I didn’t read the book so I don’t have quite the bias that the die-hard fans do… but this definitely made me like going to the movies again!


We Need to Talk About Kevin.

DON’T see it. The only saving grace of this movie is the silent performance of Tilda Swinton. Other than that, you’ve got an in-your-face movie trying to be super artsy and obtuse that utterly fails at delivering anything. I expected more and I sadly left the theater with regret.



You might want to see it if you’re in the mood. Although it likely wouldn’t be playing at a theater near you. The Atlanta Film Festival screened this “dark romantic comedy” flick to an audience looking for a hidden gem. While it had charming and believable characters, the movie colored inside the lines as far as drug-centric storylines go. It’s a sanitized version of what probably actually happens in the real world (not that I would know), but I give it credit for trying.



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