The Transcendental Midwest

So I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Oprah didn’t really retire; she immersed herself in OWN and Oprah’s Next Chapter. This past Sunday, I found myself watching a particularly enthralling episode, America’s Most Unusual Town. Turns out America’s most unusual town is right in the heart of the country – the Midwest. What makes it so unusual? Not its landscape or wacky tourist traps, but its dedication to Transcendental Meditation.

In the humble town of Fairfield, Iowa, you find that people from all walks of life come together to practice TM. Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and others find common ground in a belief that the most tranquil and elevated consciousness is within ourselves. All we have to do is recognize it and allow ourselves to transcend, from the inside out.

Fairfield’s Maharishi School of  The Age of Enlightenment for grades K-12 integrates TM as an essential part of their curriculum. As a result, students claim they are more energized, concentrated, and self-aware. The school’s mission statement reads: Maharishi School creates tomorrow’s leaders by utilizing Consciousness-Based Education, which focuses on enlivening the total brain physiology of every student, increasing creativity and intelligence, improving health and social behavior, and creating a powerful influence of peace and harmony in the school and community.

And every day at 5pm, Fairfield citizens drop what they’re doing – no matter at home, work, or otherwise – and congregate under the “golden domes” to meditate together.

Now, you may say this sounds a little cult-like, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. All they do is allow themselves the space to be still and listen. I suggest you take a moment to read/watch/learn/experience something from this episode. I hope it’s a small glimpse into our future and that one day, we’ll all have a more holistic understanding of ourselves.



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