Design is Human

In 2002, IDEO’s David Kelley presented his idea of human-centered design at the annual TED conference.  Fast forward to 2012 and Bernard McCoy’s Modern Atlanta (MA) takes that philosophy and explodes it across design genres with talks, films, and exhibitions exploring the future of human connectivity through material.  MA’s Design is Human Week begins on June 1 in Atlanta featuring 7 days of corporeal discovery in engineering, architecture, new media, interior design and food (yes, food).

MA brings heavyweights to the Peach State from around the globe, to exchange ideas in motion.  From Paris, Studio Boissard uses the High Museum as backdrop for a conversation on the influence of Pierre Chareau and Jean Prouve in the evolution of architecture.  Boissard was formerly a member of the team behind design powerhouse Philippe Starck before building his own well-know architecture firm.

Other participants throughout the week include Yale School of Architecture, one of the most prestigious institutions for design in the world, New Haven’s Plan B Architecture, John Cantrell, interior designer for international commercial design firm HOK and local phenom Michael Habachy.

Bill Lowe Gallery is pleased to add to the melange with the opening exhibition for Korean artist Cha Jong Rye, whose meticulous manipulation of wood is visually stunning and exemplifies the quality of precision and calculation inherent in great design.



The week closes with a lecture by Marc Clemenceau Bailly of Gage/Clemenceau Architects who famously collaborated with Lady Gaga on a temporary installation for Fashion Week 2011 that “fused ideas from both fashion and architecture into a new type of physical environment.”


Design is Human Week is an unparalleled coalescence of design talent intended to ignite expanded thinking and global consciousness.  MA is not missing a beat, striking all the right notes to cultivate new relationships between design and our experience with it in everyday life.   MA changes the game.


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