Month: June 2012

Living on Cloud 9

Contemporary architecture never ceases to amaze me. It seems like the simplest ideas can often be some of the most remarkable. Take, for instance, this “Cloud House” by McBride Charles Ryan in Australia.

Using the iconic shape of a cloud, these architects built a playful addition to an Edwardian house that provides a bridge from traditional home life into living life on cloud 9. Cue instant whimsy.

[via ArchDaily]


Diving for Sculpture

It’s not every day that I come across a piece of art and am mesmerized by it. When I saw Jason Taylor’s underwater sculpture, it was one of those days.

Something as simple as submerging sculptures in the ocean is immediately poignant and poetic; he literally shifts context into another form of matter and as a result, is cultivating beauty in a different dimension than the previously programmed “art reality”.

Over time, his works develop into artificial coral reefs. Taylor integrates his skills as a conservationist, underwater photographer and scuba diving instructor to produce unique installations that encourage the habitation and growth of corals and marine life. His early work is located in the world´s first public underwater sculpture park in Molinere Bay, Grenada, West Indies.

And more recently, his most ambitious project to date is the creation of the world’s largest underwater sculpture museum, MUSA, situated off the coast of Cancun and the western coast of Isla Mujeres. Works in the museum include Hombre en llamas (Man on Fire )La Jardinera de la Esperanza (The Gardener of Hope)El Colecionista de los Sueños (The Dream Collector) and La Evolución Silenciosa (The Silent Evolution).

Just one more reason for me to learn how to scuba dive!