Atlanta – The #1 City for Artists


For over a quarter century, Atlanta-based Bill Lowe Gallery has been the primary catalyst for emerging artists in the commercial arena of this burgeoning cultural center.   The gallery is also internationally recognized as the primary portal through which globally recognized artists make their debut into the American market.   We are thrilled that Atlanta is now ranked as the best city in America for artists.

The ranking was done, starting with the 50 most populous cities in the US, they ranked them according to the following five characteristics:

Low cost of living – Most artists do not have the fiscal resources to spend a lot on rent, consequently a lower cost of living is key to their survival in the city. (P.S. A low cost of living is very different from a Lowe cost of living, yes we went there!)

People 20-34 years of age – If an artist is looking to move to a city in which to start their career, it is likely that they are in this age bracket. Not that there aren’t older artists! But this age bracket is a tell-tale sign for growth.

People employed by the arts industry – Similar to knowing people your age, it would also be helpful to know people who are interested in the same field as you. Therefore the more people employed by the arts community, the more likely an artist will meet someone with similar ambitions.

Number of museums and galleries – The number of museums and galleries in a city is a great indicator to how cultured the city really is. If the city cares about art there will be several galleries and museums, as a result an artist would have a greater chance of making it there.

Households with incomes above $200,000 – Art is an expensive luxury! For an artist to sell his/her work they must be surrounded by those with deep pockets!

According to globally recognized artist, Fernando Gaspar, it was only logical for him to make his American debut in Atlanta, more specifically at Bill Lowe Gallery. He said “Atlanta is an art loving city.” One may expect to see Chicago or New York City at the top of the list, but after taking into account that Atlanta ranked in the top 15 in all five of categories, Atlanta’s number one spot is truly deserved! It is interesting to know that Atlanta ranked fourth in number of households earning more than $200,000 a year, yet ranked number fifteen when it came to low cost of living – below the national average.

Bill Lowe Gallery has been recognized for a quarter-century as the South’s pre-eminent contemporary gallery. It is widely acclaimed for the depth and scope of its program, curatorial excellence, and concentration on content-driven work by artists with an advanced technical mastery of their media. The philosophical architecture of Bill Lowe Gallery is built upon a reverence for the alchemical nature of artistic expression. The gallery honors the profoundly spiritual nature of visual language and the role it can play in affecting paradigm shifts at both a personal and societal level.


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