Gallery Girl Style: Modern Traditionalist

Spicing up your work wardrobe can be a bit of a challenge when you slip into the same routine. However Alex Delotch Davis is always surprising us with new ways to mix and match pieces from her wardrobe and creating elegantly chic outfits.

Here Alex is wearing a camel color skirt she inherited from her mother that becomes the focal point of the outfit. The A-line structure of the skirt accentuates her waist giving her body a wonderful curvature.


Alex chose to pair a white oxford with her mother’s circle skirt as “It’s one of those pieces that stands on it’s own so a simple white blouse seemed like a nice compliment”. Not only does the white oxford compliment the tones of the skirt but the subtle detailing of the shirt adds an element of crispness to the outfit.

To finish off the look Alex wears Fendi gold stud earrings, a gold monogrammed necklace and nude peep toe pumps with a delicate bow!

Alex’s go to gallery outfit is not only great for client meetings throughout the day but transitions perfectly from day to night with a nude pair of pumps (pictured here). Happy Hour here she comes!


Inspiration from the runways:

Now recreate Alex’s perfect gallery look!

Skirts: Asos, Allencompany, Ted Baker

Shirt: Asos

Shoes: Enzo Angiolini, Christin Michaels

Earrings: Lucia K., Gucci

Why I Still Love Rothko

Working in the “art world” (strong emphasis on the quotes), I often find myself visually bored or tired. Toss in the fact that everyone is always searching for the hot new thing and you’ve basically got an easy recipe for disillusion or complacency. The only thing that keeps me going is the art that continues to transcend time, space, and matter. Sounds heady, right?



Some beauty is fleeting, but there’s actually some out there that isn’t. Exhibit A: Mark Rothko. His deceivingly simple compositions are what dreams are made of – purified color relationships creating vibrational fields, atmosphere and reactive energy. Though he’s a commonly named master of the 20th century, his work continues to be remarkable and even ground-breaking (for me).


As the years fly by, the paintings evolve with me. They reveal, transform and cleanse.

Add to your bucket list the Rothko Chapel and I’ll meet you on the other side.