Rococo On The Runway

Stemming from the Baroque movement, the Rococo style of architecture developed with a heavy use of ornate embellishments, curvilinear lines and references to the natural world. The epitome of these structural details is in the Weis Church in Bavaria.  There is a fanciful nature to the surface of the building that calls up this grand period in architectural history.

Rococo and Baroque patterns are often referenced in other art forms including visual art and fashion. This year Amy Smilovik, of the ever evolving clothing line TIBI, truly did a remarkable job of referring to these periods with a modern twist. She refreshes the feel of the textiles through the juxtaposition of white and red.  By enlarging the patterns on the skirt, Amy gives the garment a feel of modern elegance.  We love this fusion of art forms and can’t wait what team Tibi will innovate for NYFW in February.